Friday 30 December 2022

"Battles of the Pacific War 1941-1945" Blurb

 "Battles of the Pacific War 1941-1945" is out now! This is a 136-page historical account of the largest battles during the Pacific War.

On the 7th of December, 1941 hundreds of
Japanese aircraft took off from a group of
aircraft carriers. Their target was Pearl
Harbour in Oahu, Hawaii which was home of
the U.S. Pacific Fleet. The Pacific War began
here, and for almost four years the United
States and their allies remained at war with
the Japanese Empire. During this period the
war in the Pacific engulfed much of Asia,
from the borders of India to the Indonesian
Islands on the outskirts of Australia.

This is a concise, yet detailed, historical
account of the Pacific War that recounts
some of the largest battles in the Pacific
Theatre. Famous 20th-century battles in the
vast seas, islands and jungles of the Pacific
region, beginning with the devastating
Japanese airstrike at Pearl Harbour. A tale
of epic confrontations, Battles of the Pacific
War 1941-1945 recalls where, when and
how the Pacific War was won and lost
within the battlefields of the Pacific.

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