Tuesday, 14 August 2012

About Matthew

Matthew is a freelance writer who has produced a variety of articles for various magazines and websites. Among them the Washington Post, 4k.com, Sea Breezes, Naval History Magazine, Ships Monthly, Artilleryman, TripAdvisor, Bright Hub, dotTech, Swing Golf Magazine, Coed Magazine and Vagabundo Travel. "Battles of the Pacific War 1941-1945" is his d├ębut book. Check out the links to a few of his articles below.

Remembering the Titanic in Southampton

"Southampton is famous for its ships such as the great ocean liners that dominated its port during the early 20th century. Briefly among them was White Star’s Titanic, which in 1912 was the largest ship to have been constructed. The Titanic set sail from Southampton in April 1912 for its maiden voyage. However, this was cut short as the Titanic famously sank like a rock in the Atlantic with more than 2,000 aboard. Only a minority were picked up and arrived in New York. In 2012, Southampton has been commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Titanic in the month of April...."

Free Tank Rides!

"It’s time to reload and refuel your tanks, for Command and Conquer is back this March! The next installment for the Command and Conquer game series is Command and Conquer 4: Tiberium Twighlight, set to conclude the story of this epic game saga...."

The History of the Half-Life Game Series

"Half-Life is one of the most influential PC game series. Since the first Half-Life game was unveiled the Half-Life game series has been expanded with several great additions. This Half-Life history article covers the history of the Half-Life series from the rise of Valve up to the present day...."

Nintendo Game Consoles 

"This Nintendo console timeline traces the history of Nintendo’s video game consoles from the ‘80s to the present day. As such, all of Nintendo’s non-handheld game consoles are covered here with dates provided...."

Pansonic Adds World's Largest 4K Video Board to Churchill Downs

"The Kentucky Derby is one of the greatest horse races in the United States. The legendary race course at Churchill Downs hosts the event. For the May 2014 Kentucky Derby Panasonic added a colossal new 4K video board, the largest ever built, to showcase the event..."

A Holiday in Torbay

"During one summer, I took a holiday in the seaside town of Paington. Paignton is one of three towns in Torbay alongside Brixham and Torquay. It is part of a supposed English Riviera that has miles of sandy beaches along its coastline, and some great coastal landscapes..."

IMAX Announce 4k 3D Digital Camera

"As of yet 3D films haven’t really taken off. Sure, the 3D showcase Avatar was a blockbuster. However, 3D effects in movies still remain a little limited. Some might even tell you that for much of the time a 3D film seems almost the same as their 2D alternatives. IMAX’s announcement of the first 4K 3D digital camera could, therefore, give 3D films a considerable boost..."

Ocean Liners at War

"World War One began in 1914, and it involved the largest navies in the world. The British, German and French navies had lots of dreadnoughts at their disposal, but needed extra ships for transporting troops and commerce raiding..."

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